Goodbye Christmas

*I posted this entry in the wrong blog on Dec. 28. So here it is in the right blog.*

Christmas is over. The in-laws have gone back home. Time to relax.

It was a nice weekend. We did get to do some relaxing, but the hubs got a cold which I seem to have now. So I did a lot of the driving over the weekend, until yesterday when J felt better.

Now he has 3 half days of work (counting today) until our long weekend for the new year. This one is just for us. No plans yet, though I'm sure J will want to go for some runs and bike rides. Especially since he missed out on them this past weekend.

New years is coming up, and I always think of all these resolutions I can make, even though I'm not big on resolutions. So I came up with a simple one that I can keep - I will start my 100 pushups program. That's all, just get it started. I got sick, so I pushed it back, and then the in-laws were here, so I didn't start, so next monday, first monday of the new year, I will get it started.

I will also try to read more. I haven't read much at all for the past month, and I miss it. I need to finish up my 4 day wins, and I'm considering starting over on the sparkpeople diet. Although being sick did push me down to 170, I haven't weighed myself since this past indulgent weekend. I would like to get serious about it again. I also have a friend moving on post in January who is interested in running with me, and I need to start training for the Bataan in March.

So I guess I want to have another resolution for the new year. I want to be more physically active. I know I'm a lazy ass.

On another note, My sister had her cholesterol tested and it's just barely on the high side. Her doc said that he thinks its genetic and any siblings 30 and older should get theirs tested. Well, since we don't have a brother anymore, that leaves me, and I just turned 30. So I need to get my PCM changed and talk to her about a lot of stuff.


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