Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Woke up with cramps and Aunt Flo. Yuck. Plus my right foot is sore, on the inside just in front of my missing arch. No clue.

But I did finally submit a PCM change. Found the right links on the website. Gotta wait for the confirmation letter before I can schedule an appointment. I found out that my current PCM is actually Stanley Harmon, whom I have never met. Apparently the 2 female docs I have seen are in his "team" or something. I hate that. I want to see one doctor with whom I can discuss my issues without having to start over each time I go in. I want to figure out why my ears won't stop popping. I want to discuss going back on a period-every-3-months cycle. I want to see if there is a reason why I always have sinus issues, always have a somewhat stuffy nose, and am prone to sinus infections.

So that's it today. I have a meeting for Relay and I need to go grocery shopping. If I feel better I will take the dog for a walk. Otherwise, I will rest and watch the NCIS I missed last week.

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