Running With a Cold

Well, I think it's a cold. I'm telling myself it's a cold. Yes, I'm sick again.

It started with a sore throat, dry cough and no voice, which I attributed to all the talking, yelling and cheering I did at the Relay Summit over the weekend. But last night the stuffy nose hit with a vengeance. And my cough isn't so dry anymore.

This morning I had planned to do a 6 mile run. I did it! But it took longer than I'd like. 1 hour 15 minutes, which still isn't bad considering how often I had to stop to cough or just blow my nose before snot escaped (nice thought, huh?). That is also what I had hoped to finish my first 8k in. Instead, I finished my first 10K (1 mile longer) in that time.

That puts me at 21.5 miles instead of the 20 miles required. Yay me! Now it's 2 days of rest before the final 10K on Saturday morning. I'll still do my pushups, but no running. Walking the dog maybe, but not running.

Oh, and I weighed in today, randomly, after my run (which was after breakfast) and was still down. I'm at about 169 now. That's 4 pounds lost for January. I just gotta keep it up!


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