New Year

So after my misplaced post-christmas post, I got sick. Again. It felt like just a cold, and was starting to get better, when all of a sudden it got worse. Yesterday I started coughing and coughed all day. I have lots of sinus drainage down my throat. First thing in the morning is the worst. I wake up with a sore, scratchy throat and usually all stuffed up.

So J went all-out with making New Year's Goals. Yes, goals, not resolutions. He wants to do a whole big breakdown of steps and sub-steps. He went a little gung-ho with it all and rather startled me with it. I wasn't ready for that when I added a few things for me to his list. He wants to get very specific, where I like to keep it a little more generalized (and achievable for me).

But I will try this with him, I guess. He wants to print them out (once they're all broken down) and hang them up somewhere to remind us.

Anywho, of course one of my goals is to lose weight, but I'm wording it differently. I want to eat healthy. I know if I eat wholesome foods and watch my portions, it will help me lose weight, and maintain weight loss once I'm down. So my steps? I restarted the spark diet, and will keep reading my 4-day win book (and finish it!).

I also started my 100 pushup challenge yesterday. I got up, went in the bedroom, and did the pushups. Then came back in the living room. J knew I wasn't in the room, but was surprised when I told him I was starting the pushups challenge.

I know, more than anyone, that I am not good at following through with things when I start them. I took up knitting but never knit. I took up crochet but never make anything. Always, I start something and eventually drop it and let it go. J, of course, knows this about me as well. But he seems to now think I can't follow through on anything. So I have to finish this and keep it up.

Anywho, it's back to the grind today. J's off to work and I need to shower so I can get groceries. And I desperately need to vacuum.


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