Good Times

I had a good day yesterday. Got grocery shopping done, went to a meeting, had lunch with friends, made breakfast cookies, did my pushups, and even went for a short run with the pup.

It's hard to believe that a "short run" for me is 2 miles. 2 years ago, I could barely run for a whole minute! It felt good yesterday to get out there and run, and pup did pretty good at sticking with me.

I also weighed myself this morning. This is my first weigh-in since I restarted sparkpeople. I weighed about 173 when I started, and weighed 171 today. 2 pounds in the first weekish is right on track.

So now I'm going to work hard and stick with it. J and I plan on hiking more this year, and I found out that hiking burns tons of calories. He's going to train with me (as my coach) for Bataan. I'm going to push myself to run more, even if I just do my 1.5 to 2 mile run routes.

This morning, early, like around 2am when I couldn't get back to sleep, I started composing an article on my journey as a runner, including what shoes I wore at each stage. I'm thinking of writing it up. I'll post it here if I do.   If I can keep up the running, I will have earned the new shoes I hope to get next month. Merrell will be releasing their barefoot line, and J is almost as excited as I am. He would love to get a pair of those since they would work for PT (some commanders don't like the look of VFFs).

And, if I continue to lose weight, I will talk to J about a trip to my favorite bra store as a reward when we fly to KS for easter. I'm in a GG right now and want to get back down to a G. If I went to FF or F eventually, I would take that as well since it opens up more brands and styles for me to choose from. You know that would make me happy!


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