First Official 10K and The Jumping Mutt

you ran a RACE on Saturday, 2011/01/29 --- 6.2 miles in 1:02:08.00 on:road
(Pace: 10:01.3/mile) Mainly: Race I felt: good Weather: sunny Air Temp: 34Surface: dry Time of Day: 0800 Where: Soto Gym First 10K 

This is copied and pasted from the JustRan app on facebook. I like logging my races in to see what pace I did. So today was my 10K. I felt pretty good this morning, but was sad to leave J at home. Unfortunately, work called this weekend and he didn't get to go with me. The vast majority of people out there were doing the half marathon, so once the 10K broke off, it was pretty empty. 

I averaged an almost 10 minute pace, but I know that's just an average. On mile 4, I had to slow myself down a little bit. But I kept that pace until the finish was in site. Crossed the finish line 1 minute slower than I did on my first 8K. 

Also paying for it now with a black toe nail and 2 blisters on my right foot. The toe seam on my sock started rubbing. But I feel good! I stuck around for the fitness fair stuff for a little and tried out a 15 minute yoga session. It felt good, but it's hard to hold the downward dog when your hands are sweaty!

In other news, Remy has learned how to jump our fence. The back and street side are about as tall as me. The front parts and neighbor side are about up to my chin. He jumps onto the lower wall, then hops over the tall wall into the other yards. The one right back from us is empty now, and the one catty-corner doesn't have a dog (and luckily belongs to a friend!).  So now I have to keep a close eye on the mutt while he's out back. In fact, I let him out after my shower, then heard one of his barks, and he wasn't in the yard. I could hear him whining a little, and when I came back in to get my shoes and a leash, he jumped back over. 

This means we're back to daily walks. I can't be lazy anymore, but have to keep him exercised. *sigh* I like being lazy.


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