Feeling the Need to Write

So I'm writing.

Bark For Life is finally over. It went well, but I sure don't miss the stress of planning it. I really hope someone else is interested in chairing the next one. I'll gladly help out but to go back to being in the background. That's where I'm happy.

It's been so nice to get back to my lazy, nothing-to-do schedule. I do feel kind of bad sometimes, enjoying my stay-at-home lifestyle while J works his ass off. I really do like it, though. If I did find a job here, I would want it part time. It would be nice to have the extra spending cash, but I just don't know. Looking for a job here gets me depressed.

I didn't realize just how busy I'd been lately until I wasn't busy anymore. I had a lunch date with my neighbor yesterday and a playdate at the dog park today. I baked banana bread this afternoon. I actually got work done on the quilt I've been sewing FOREVER. My goal is to have it at least quilted by Friday. It's ready to go on the machine! Just need to set the machine up and sew!

Tomorrow I will go help put away the Relay stuff for a while, but it won't take all day. I've been a little headachey yesterday afternoon and today, so I'm hoping I'll feel up to running in the morning. I would like to do close to 5 miles tomorrow. I really need to sit down and work out a plan for the half marathon training. More and more, I'm wishing I had one of those fancy gps watches that tell you how far you've gone. Then I could run half my distance, turn around, and go home. Maybe that's what I should ask for as an anniversary gift. It's that or a Roomba.

I started some more planning for my vacation, too. Found a dog park just 10 minutes from where I'm staying in Denver, in case Remy won't poop. Silly dog. He's still all worn out from the playdate today. It was very hot out. Still is hot out.

In other news, I got my first ever Jury Duty notice. Ugh. I had to fill out this little survey thing and send it in, and have to show up at court on the 14th of June. WHAT!? Ugh. I know this is just a screening process, but it's still bad timing. I have a hair appointment on the 15th, Duke's teeth cleaning on the 17th, and then I leave for vacation! Mom had me put a note in with it mentioning vacation plans and asking to be excused for those dates. I guess we'll see.

Oh, and Duke. Yes he is feline leukemia positive, but the Vet said all his bloodwork is good. He's got it, but he's still healthy. So we're going ahead with his teeth cleaning to fight his horrible chronic gum disease. It also means he's not traveling with me this summer. He hates car rides, and the Vet said we don't want to put too much stress on his system, so I decided that means he stays home. J will be home with him.

Should I be posting my vacation plans online? Oh well. I think most of the people who read this know me in real life, and those that don't have no idea where I live. So there. Now I think it's time to veg out in front of the TV. 


  1. I'm sooooo glad to hear that Duke is doing o.k. I completely forgot to ask when I saw you on Tuesday and it had been on my mind all morning.... I blame it on Mom-Brain-itis. :(


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