Runners vs. Bikers

That's bikers on bicycles, not bikers on motorcycles.

Remy and I went for a run this morning. Turns out today is also Bike To Work Day. So the trails Remy and I were on had lots of bicycles going by. I tried to make Rem stick by my side, but he is a dog. The thing that gets me is not the people going the opposite way, but those who pass me from behind. The majority of those who passed me did just that. Passed. Came out of nowhere and passed. Fewer than half tried to say something. I tried to thank those who did say something.

Now, I ride a bike at home. I run. I do both. It's not hard to say something. On your left! Behind you! Passing! Track! Get the f* out of the way! Something, anything, to let me know that you are behind me. Because, trust me, you will see me long before I will hear your bike. Just a little warning allows me to make sure that my dog is close to my side.

Silence gets you nothing. I don't know you're coming, so I can't reign in my puppy. And that means he could leap out at you, hurting both himself and you. I can just see a bike slamming into my little dog, the rider flying over the handle bars. Both of you would be hurt, and who knows, maybe me too.

I do try to keep him in line, and he generally does good. But he is a puppy, and he is friendly, and he is curious. So give us a break, and let us know you're coming up behind us. It can save everyone a lot of pain and hassle.


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