The Wonderful World of Shoes

I could easily become a shoe addict. Not just any shoe addict, but a minimalist shoe addict.

This thought came to you today courtesy of Runblogger's latest shoe review. Merrell has added another "barefoot" shoe to their selection, the Lithe Glove. It's much like the Pace Glove, which I already own and love to death, but the material is closed, not mesh, so it won't allow in the sand and water like my Pace Gloves do. I also am still considering the Pure Glove. The only thing holding me back is the fact that my feet get really smelly in my Pace Gloves, and I worry that the smell would get out with the open mary jane style of the Pure Glove.

I've also considered getting a pair of Toms. These simple canvas shoes look like a great everyday shoe that I can run around in sans socks. I hate socks. According to my Mom, I have always preferred bare feet.

I practically live in flip flops anymore. Especially since I get sandal weather most of the year living in the Southwest. In the winter, I lived in my little blowfish booties, that are very flat and minimal. I just replaced them with a mid-calf boot of the same material and style. They are just super comfy and look great with jeans.

Of course, when I'm hanging out at home, I'm usually barefoot. In the winter, I put on slipper socks. As close to barefoot as possible without freezing my toes off. I would wear more sheepskin boots, but the wool is itchy on my legs and I gotta admit, they tend to look pretty ugly. I do still have a couple pairs, but I don't wear them as often as I used to.

If I had the money, I swear I would own lots of minimal shoes (since most public places don't allow bare feet), and of course lots of bras. If only, huh?


  1. When we win the lottery, I'll make a donation to your shoe/bra charity fund. :P


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