Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

So I didn't weigh myself this morning. Didn't even think about it till I read Jess's post over at Learning As We Go. But, I can say that last week's major disappointment on my weigh-in went back down during the week, to the previous week's weight. My darling Aunt Flo is coming for a visit this week as well, so I don't know how much I'd trust a weigh-in today, anyway.

I also ran 5 miles last week. Wednesday. Today was only 3 miles, but my legs are still stiff from the yard work we did Saturday. And the dog was being a stinker.

Ah, today's theme is lunches. Honestly, I usually eat leftovers for lunch. Lunch is one time when I have trouble. I usually tend to eat too much, but every once in a while, I will barely eat anything, or even forget to eat lunch all together if I get busy. Yes, I have honestly forgotten to eat lunch before. Just a couple weeks ago, in fact. Didn't remember until I was talking to Mom later that day.

Dang. I don't have much to say about lunch. Lunch is boring, usually. Like I said, leftovers. Just whatever we have around the house. Today, I will be checking the leftover pasta, but I have a bad feeling I will be throwing it out. Which means I have cheese and crackers or a peanut butter sandwich. Or maybe, since I'm going to the grocery store, I'll pick up a can of tuna and some mac and cheese and make a little casserole dish with frozen peas thrown in. Actually, that sounds good. Yay me.

Wow, I am boring today. Since I don't have anything to say, I'll just go now. 


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