Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

A little late. I was driving Monday, had no internet Tuesday, and driving again yesterday.

So - I stepped on my scale this morning and it's right where it was when I left, 166. Not bad!

I did do a little running in Denver, and in Wyoming I ran once with Remy, once with my sister, once with the sis and Remy, and walked once with the sis. Plus I was on my feet a lot with the family reunion. Did not eat very well, but did stay somewhat active.

In my final stop, Wetmore, I walked twice with the MIL and Rem.

Now I'm home. Finally! This morning Rem and I walked with Miss Jess and her lovely little boy. Tomorrow J has the day off, so we'll get up and run. He'll probably go off on one of his long runs. I will do a 3 miler, since I don't know how far I've been going in Rock Springs. I think it's at least 1.5 miles, but I'll have to map it out. had 2 hills in the route, too. So now I've got to step up the distance before I leave on my next trip.

So our theme this week was supposed to be healthy dinner ideas. Sounds like a good place to talk about how J and I are eating less meat. We used to have meat for dinner almost every day. Now we make sure to plan at least 1 vegetarian dinner a week. Some weeks it works out to only 1 meat dinner. We're also trying to get fish and seafood in there, but that can be a little expensive, living in the desert and all.

There's a new government meal plan thing out. Instead of the food pyramid, it's a plate. And it uses an idea that I've read about in diet stuff - half your plate should be fruits and/or vegetables. A quarter is meat, and a quarter is dairy.

I for one am addicted to pasta, but I do try to throw at least one veggie in there. I like veggies. If you have trouble eating them or liking them, try grilling them. Especially for guys, grilling is great. It releases a lot of flavor. I often roast veggies in the oven, too. I spritz them with olive oil and might sprinkle a little salt and pepper on them, then roast away! So much flavor, so tasty. Better than just steaming them.

Ok. Time to run. Have errands to run and a meeting to go to. 


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