Raton Pass

Ok. Forgot to blog about this yesterday.

On my drive up here, I took I-25 North through Raton Pass, in Raton, NM. This time last week, Raton Pass was closed. there was a wildfire tearing through the area, and it burned right over the interstate. It was opened back up by the time I went through, but speed was reduced as a cautionary measure.

There were charred spots on both sides of the road. It looked like the fire just jumped over the interstate in multiple spots. Lots of black. Lots of char. Lots of dead. Problem is, the dead wasn't just in the burned areas. There was lots of dead undergrowth in the still living areas. Which is why these fires are so bad. It's so dry everywhere, a small spark can set it off.

I grew up in a dry area. Most of my life was in a drought. I always had a great appreciation for rain and water. I think that's why I love big rivers and lakes so much. I understand how hard it is when there's no water. No snow in the winter means no run-off in the spring. I helped my Uncle install sprinklers in the hay fields because they help save water compared to ditch irrigation.

About halfway through the Pass I started to smell that burned, charred smell. Like an old campfire. *sigh* It made me sad. It was such a beautiful mountain drive, ruined.


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