Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

Well, not much of a loser this week. I am extremely disappointed in my weigh-in this morning. I don't even want to tell you the number I saw on that scale. However, I splurged on food all weekend.

So, today's topic is Motivation!

This may seem odd, but my parents motivate me, not in the way you think. They are both overweight and struggle with it. My dad has health problems due to/aggravated by his weight. I saw that in both of them, and decided I had to start now (a few years ago) to not be at that point later on. They have also both been great positive motivators, telling me I look good, encouraging me to keep running and take better care of myself. They let me/us help cook and pick meals when we visit so we can have the healthier options we are used to.

My husband is also a big motivator for me. He has always and will always find me beautiful. I know that. I believe that. But he is a very active person. I used to have a hard time keeping up with him. I still do sometimes, but not all the time anymore. He has joined me in the eating healthier thing, and makes sure to let me know that he is proud of me.

Finally, there is my health and self image. I couldn't stand looking in the mirror. I still don't always like what I see. I look at reflection, and it doesn't reflect what I feel on the inside (yes, Jessica, I totally understand). It's not the girl that I expect to see. And I did NOT want to have to go up another size in clothes! Oh hell no!

So, since weight numbers aren't my friend this week, I'll go over some positives I've experienced lately.

1. I bought some new summer shorts and capris a little while ago, 2 denim and 2 cotton. The cotton pants (no stretch) fit me in a size 10. The denim (a little stretch) fit me in an 8! 8! OMG 8! Woohoo!

2. My bras are back down, from a GG cup to a G. That's about 1 inch difference in the bust measurement.

3. Migraines. I have had only a couple migraines so far in 2011. This is huge for me. I have not been taking the verapamil that was prescribed as a preventive. I have not needed to refill my midrin in so long that the prescription is long expired. This is HUGE! See, I wasn't having migraine pain but once or twice a month, but I was having migraine symptoms every day. Yes, every day. Every single day, I experienced visual auras, or sensitivity to light and/or sound, or tingly fingers, or tender temples, or any number of things that are related to my migraines. While I have had a couple visual auras lately, I've also been very stressed out, but have not yet had migraine pain. I have not had the daily symptoms, and I've not taken any migraine medication since, oh, January or February. This in itself is motivation for me to keep going.

3. Last week, I ran about 10.5 miles total. Then J and I went on a bike ride yesterday morning. A long one. They're getting easier.

There you have it. I'm motivated.


  1. Go girl!! That's awesome about the new clothes! That is about the norm for me as well.. I can't wait to get back down there (if that is possible after the way this tummy has been stretched). Also, congrats on being off of the meds..I know that is huge!


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