10 Miles

1 hour 52 minutes 30 seconds.

Averaged about an 11:30 pace.

I'm starting to find chafe spots after these long runs. Had one last week, on my hip, and only figured out today that it's right where my MP3 player sits on my hip. Might have to start putting that in a pocket on my new water belt.

I had a couple chafe spots under my boobs from a bra that wasn't sitting right earlier this week. One of those is aggravated. I can put body glide on before my sports bra to help with that. And today I have some small red spots in my armpits. Not bad, but just starting to chafe. I also forgot to put deodorant on this morning, which might take care of that.

I'm repeating this week of training, so next weekend is another 10 mile. I can work on fixing little problems like this. And try the e-gel I bought. Today I used the Chomps and a gel from Stinger and liked both. I bought a new Nathan water belt, but I'm using my Camelbak bottle in it because I can leave the spout open and water won't come out unless you squeeze the bottle. I had a Larabar before the run. I love how fruity they are, and how small. It's 200 calories in a small bar, which is much easier for me to eat early in the morning. The Stinger gel was also much easier than the Gu gel I had during the Bataan.

So I'm thinking of sticking with the Stinger energy products, I like my Nathan water belt (which is designed for a woman's hips), and I just have to learn where my chafe spots are. My feet are feeling good in my Merrell's still, especially since I bought some lightweight UnderArmor socks. And my RoadID ankle band is great. I don't even notice it.

So there we are. I'm now clean and sitting around in my comfy sun dress. 


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