Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Running Update

I biked and ran over the weekend. Saturday, J and I biked about 22 miles. Sunday, I ran 8 miles.

The last mile seems to be my worst. At least with these new distances. I have to really focus on not walking, no matter how much I want to. I tell myself that it doesn't matter how slow I'm running, as long as I'm running.

I still finished around where I wanted. My pace is averaging out to somewhere between an 11 and 12 minute mile. I even ran over a bridge, so I had some hill work in there. I'm going to try adding more hills to my routine. Most of my weekday runs from here out are 4 or 3 miles. I want to head over to McKelligan Canyon on some of those 4 mile days. The whole route is about 4 miles total, but it's all up and down.

My coach/the hubs agrees this will help me out. Uphill helps build endurance, and downhill helps build speed. I'm not real worried about speed right now, but want help on endurance. Maybe if I can build endurance on my short runs (via hill work), the long runs won't seem so long. Maybe.

As it is, I'm still on track to do the 10 mile run. That's only 2 weekends away. And if I keep on this track, I'm 1 week ahead of schedule. If I can stay on schedule as I am now, I will add a second 13 mile run in before race day. However, if I feel I need to, I can repeat a week of training and still be on track to run 13 miles before race day.

Oh, and the 5 pounds that I always put back on over vacation? Almost gone again. I think some of it is that I've been walking the dog on the 3 weekdays that I don't run. I try to keep a faster pace for him to give him a good workout. I'm going to try to keep him awake more in the afternoons, too. When I'm home, at least. We got a new rope toy for tug-o-war yesterday, and he really likes it. We'll try playing more in the afternoons.

Anywho, that's my life right now. yeah. 

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