Dogs Will Be Dogs

Remy and I were doing good on our 4 miles this morning. He was behaving and we had a great pace going. As we ran past Pershing gate, a couple of stray pit bulls came up to us, one brown, one white. I always stop when a dog approaches us, in case it's owner is right behind trying to catch it.

So we stopped. The dogs started sniffing each other. It was OK, and I was going to try to get them to follow us home so I could call animal control. But they started nipping at Remy and trying to push him around. Remy didn't like that. I didn't like that. It took a little, but I was able to smack both the bulls and they realized I wasn't backing down. Another runner came over to help, a mom pushing a double stroller stopped to help, and a third guy showed up as animal control pulled over.

The first runner and I worked on wrangling the bulls over to the AC officer, and the mom held Remy for me. The white bull was smaller and I could grab his scruff and hold him. The brown one wouldn't come near me after I smacked him on the nose. He was definitely the leader of this 2 dog pack.

Now let me put in here. I'm only specifying their breed because I noticed it. I love pit bulls. And these two were very friendly with the people. They just decided to try to push Remy around and neither of us let them. Remy tried to play, but they wanted to dominate. I think it startled Remy more than anything. I checked him over and if they did bite, they didn't break the skin anywhere.

Once the bulls were under control, Remy kept jumping up on me. So I picked him up and just hugged him for a minute. He was fine after that, and we walked home with the mom and her kids since they live a few blocks from us.

I hope that my lack of fear helped bolster Remy. I have no issues with getting in the middle of a dog fight. I jump right in and try to pull them apart. I'm not afraid of any breeds. I've been bit more by small yappy dogs than by any "dangerous" breed. Hell, I've had more cat bites than dog bites.

It was just a startling morning. Neither of us expected to be doing any dog wrassling this morning. We're all good and well, and hopefully the dogs are microchipped so their owner can be found. 


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