Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off Days

I'm having one today. Woke up tired this morning. Had a hard time getting moving. But Remy needed to go outside, so I got up. Today is a run day, 4 miles.

I went on my run. The first mile was hard, but I kept going. I think I was only about a quarter mile from done when I stopped. I was very out of breath. It took longer than usual to get my breathing under control. I'm still feeling rather tired and sluggish. I was sweatier than usual as well, but it's a little humid out.

J was home early this morning, already showered and dressed when I got back from my run. So he cooked me breakfast while I showered. Egg sandwich. Very tasty. I drank a whole bottle (2 servings) of a Naked juice, too.

I'm wearing my super comfy sundress today, simply because it's super comfy. I'm very tired, still. I'm actually thinking of a nap this morning, before I head over to the scentsy party. Because after the party, I have to hit the store to pick up stuff for the FRG meeting tonight.

Yeah. definitely nap time.

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