Still In The Slump

Did not run 11 miles today. I completed 11 miles, but the last half was mostly walking. I started out really slow, like over my usual 12 minute mile. I knew in the first mile that it would not be a great run. I reached the turn around point, and made it maybe 1 mile before I just started getting slower and slower.

There were a few points where it was all I could do to just keep walking. My body just wanted me to sit down.

I've also been pretty tired this past week. And hungry. Like grazing-all-day hungry.

J and I discussed my slump at lunch. This makes 2 weeks of slump. Maybe it's something I'm eating too much of, or not enough of. Maybe it's something else. Maybe a combo. Hard to say. I told him that I was thinking of doing the Weight Watchers thing, and maybe that would also help me balance my diet.

I think I'm going to try it. I'm going to start fresh, at a time when J is home, so I can get used to eating healthy around him. Which means when he is gone, it will be even easier, and maybe I'll have more variety than last time.

And since I've covered both running and weight loss in this post, let's throw Remy in there, too. He has gone all week without jumping the fence! This is a first since he learned that he could jump over. I think it might have helped that Mongo, the neighbor dog, was gone for a few weeks. He got back this week, but so far we're still behaving. I hope this keeps up, because I like letting Remy out back by himself while I get things done around the house. Like dishes. Every time I try to do my hand-wash dishes, Remy wants out. I'll still be checking on him constantly. 


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