9 miles

That's what I ran this morning. 4.5 miles out, then turned around and came back.

It went better than last week's 8 mile. I didn't walk at all until the turn around. I finished at about 1 hour 50 minutes, which puts me at an average pace of 12 minutes per mile. I walked 3 times. It felt pretty good, but I really slowed down the last mile again.

Next week is the 10 mile run on post. I'm going to go ahead and push for that. It's a Saturday run, so instead of my usual Wednesday and Friday runs I'm going to do Tuesday and Thursday. That way I have the day of rest before the long run. Then I think I will repeat the 10 mile week as a little reward.

I also tried a Stinger Waffle before I ran. I think it made a big difference. I'm going to try their honey gels, too. J said their texture is more like honey (since that's about all it is) and not like the other energy gels. I tried a Gu gel at the Bataan and the texture of it completely grossed me out. ICK. They also have some chews that I'll use. I like that they use honey and more natural sources of energy. I think I'm going to end up sticking with their line of stuff. The Waffle tasted like a cookie.

Also need to get more Lara Bars and Luna Bars. Need to eat something before these long runs, and then I'm trying to pop some small energy things every 30 to 45 minutes.

Oh, and I can't stand J's water belt. Goal for this week is to find some around town to try out. The one running store in town only really carries one brand. I'll try some of the general sporting goods stores. I'm hoping one of them will carry the Camelbak hydration belts. I was very interested in a couple of those.

Oh, I've started keeping track of my food again. I'm trying it out on mapmyrun.com, where I, uh, map my runs. It helps that they give me the amount of calories I need to maintain my current weight. I know if I keep my daily calorie intake around 1500, I can lose weight. But now I know that a day of 2000 calories will just maintain my current level. Makes me feel less guilty if I go over the 1500.

I'll let you know how I do next weekend!


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