Being Active This Weekend = FAIL

I wanted to put my new bike pedals on the bike this weekend. By myself. But for the life of me, I could not get the current pedals to loosen at all. Even standing on the wrench didn't work.


So this morning I got up early and headed out the door for week 2 of 10 miles. Second FAIL of the weekend.

Calves started cramping. Now usually I can run the cramps out after a mile, but these just kept getting worse. It didn't happen. I walked home.

Now let me give a little background. I'm slightly paranoid about injuring myself at this point. When I first started running 2 years ago, I sprained my right ankle. A few times. Once bad enough that the doc gave me a brace for it. I don't want to sprain that ankle again. It would take a few weeks and put me back in my training.

So I walked home. I ate breakfast. I took a shower. Just waiting for J to get home from his leaders retreat. No clue what we're doing for dinner tonight. might just go out.

oh, on a side note, piercing is doing well. It's tender, but if I don't play with it, I can't even feel it.


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