New Hole

Got my Conch pierced! Sounds dirty, but its just another ear piercing.

It's the cartilage about midway up the side of my right ear, and in farther than a lobe piercing. Can you see the little silver ball in the middle of my ear?

Can you see the kitty behind me on the couch?

My friend got her conch pierced, too. On her left ear. She went first, and I was so excited I couldn't sit still. 

It didn't hurt much to actually pierce it. Hurt for a little after that, just kinda sore. Feels pretty good right now! It's a banana bar in there, which makes it easy to twist so it doesn't get all stuck and scabby. Grossing you out yet?

Chris, the piercer, said I can switch it out after 2 weeks. I'll probably wait closer to 4. Not sure what I'll put there. Maybe just a stud, maybe a hoop. Might get both so I can switch it up. I'm thinking I need a hoop and a jewel stud. That way I have options. Plain silver ball, hoop, or bling. 


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