Mental Health

I'm taking a mental health day today. Normally I would be at belly dance right now. Instead I'm still in my walking clothes from walking Rem this morning. I'm drinking a cup of coffee and contemplating whether or not I want to shower in the shower I cleaned this morning. And I just turned on the British Antiques Roadshow. Hell yeah.

I do need to go to Costco and get more frontline for Rem. But that's all I really have to do today. I supposed I could take one of the critters to the vet since they are both due for checkups. Maybe Rem and I will do that this afternoon. Then I can take Duke tomorrow.

I've noticed the past few weeks, that I seem to go brain dead come Wednesday. I do pretty good Monday and Tuesday, then my brain shuts off on Wednesday. I find myself skipping the lead at belly dance because I get stuck in a vortex so easily (that is, doing one move and wondering what to do next).

So I'll go to Costco, and maybe the vet's. And I'll do some laundry that needs done.

I don't think it's going to stop the brain dead Wednesdays, but maybe it will help a little. Maybe I just needed a day off. Maybe I should take a shower before I go anywhere. Maybe if I don't then people will not feel the need to be friendly. I'm not in a people mood today. Duke and Remy just like me more if I'm a little stinky. I have food to eat, and wine to drink. If it weren't for that frontline that was due yesterday...

I'm rambling. I really am. I'll shower. I'll go to costco, and then decide if we're doing the vet's today.


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