Friday, May 11, 2012

Soy Un Perdedor: Weight Loss Challenge, Week 2

Let's back track. I joined a weight loss challenge with my friends to keep myself motivated to lose weight. I had put 1 pound back on at our first weigh-in last week.

This week I'm back down to 151. I did not eat very well this past week, but I also had that migraine (which I think I can officially say is gone now), and migraines do weird things to my body sometimes. I felt good enough to go for a run this morning. 

begin: rant
My 5k running track is awesome, and they even put doggy bag stations all around it. However, they don't do any good when only 2 or 3 have any baggies, and they are all at the end I begin at! Of course Rem had to stop and poop down at the other end, where the only baggies were across the street, and had been there so long they were starting to degrade in the freaking box! Ugh, I get all angry again just typing it. 

Anywho, I'm feeling pretty good. I didn't want cereal for breakfast, but had a larabar instead, which is chocolaty goodness in only 6 WW points. Lunch shouldn't be too bad, since we have our luncheon for the end of the officers' wives group year.  And I'm going to hit the grocery store for a few things to get us through the weekend. I might even pick up a rotisserie chicken instead of having to cook chicken myself. Yeah, lazy, but tasty. 

Oh yeah. I also set my goal weight for this challenge at 145. It's a 12 week challenge, so 149 seemed too easy. It's only 2 pounds away. I thought I should try for something a little lower. 

ooo, need to do a fur baby friday post also. 


  1. Was that the chocolate chip brownie flavor Larabar? They're my favorite too. Runner-up is the apple pie flavor. :) Thomas likes the chocolate ones too.

    1. Chocolate chip cookie dough! I have peanut butter chocolate chip, apple pie, and cherry pie in the pantry still.