Project: Money Envelopes

 I saw these money envelopes online a while back and shared them with Jessica. I knew she was doing the envelope budget system, and sent her the link with an offer to make them for her (she doesn't sew).

She asked me to make them, and I had her come over to pick out fabric from my small stash. She loved my gray prints, and had admired the brown. So I used the gray for the outside, and brown for the lining.

So glad I found these online.
Step one, cut fabric. Squares are 7 3/4 inches. Rotary cutter works best.
the fabrics, cut into 7 3/4 in squares

I was lucky and had some interfacing already. It just gives the envelope a little more hold so it's not floppy. Although I found the instructions for the interfacing didn't work as well as just following my instinct. I got the interfacing on. Then I sewed an outside to an inside with a gap and snipped the corners. The original blog pattern has more detailed instructions.
Squares sewn together. The knitting needle is to poke the corners out when I turn them right side out.

Turned right side out and ironed.

It's pretty basic from here. Top stitch two opposite edges. Fold in half. Stitch the folded sides. You get a pile of rectangles that open on one end.

See? It fits!

I had some iron on sheets that I realized would work for labels. She can write on them with a permanent marker. I also added a little snap in the middle of the opening, so she doesn't have cash falling out.


I should have gotten a pic of her with them. She was super excited when I gave them to her this afternoon. 

I have a couple more projects lined up: A nursing cover, and adding some shiny to a dress. Let's see if I can remember to get pics of them as well!


  1. I still think they're cool. Did you tell her that Remy helped with one?

    1. Nope. I forgot. I'll see her today though :)


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