An Ode to Prescription Drugs

Oh tramadol, my tramadol,
You ease my pain,
But you set sweet sleep
Beyond my grasp
And make me itch
*le sigh*

Ok, so it's not exactly an ode, but it's what I got at 0611 when the migraine didn't go away last night.

I took tramadol when it started to hurt. I had taken ibuprofen and it apparently didn't keep the pain away. I waited about 5 hours to take a second tramadol, since it says to take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. Then I went to bed.

I got this weird roaming itch. I think I've mentioned it before but don't feel like looking it up. I had trouble sleeping again as well. It wasn't as bad as last time, but I couldn't seem to just stay asleep.

So I looked up side effects of tramadol. Mild itching is a common side effect, which explains the roaming itch. Dry mouth is another side effect, and yes I experience that. I just keep water by my bed.

But this trouble sleeping isn't listed. I suppose it could just be the itching that's waking me up all night. But somehow I don't think so.

I got up about 0530 this morning to see J off. He had set the coffee pot to make some coffee and I had him put a cup's worth in there for me. It's tasty. Not like I was sleeping that much anyway. I still have some roaming itch as well, but it's better. My head is still very foggy, and no the migraine is not gone.

It started when J and I were at the pool yesterday. I only swam a 400, because at about 325 yards, I had my visual aura. So I finished that lap and tried to relax. I stretched and calmed myself, and we went home. A while later I had some mild vertigo, which I don't experience nearly as often as I used to. Then the fogginess came, and I took the ibuprofen. We ate dinner, which was delicious, but my head started to hurt. I even used my heating pad for my neck and shoulders.

I know, I should probably make a doctor's appointment.

begin: rant about tricare...

The first doctor I saw here in El Paso was awesome. Turns out he was not part of my randomly picked PCM's team. So when they decided to start enforcing the PCM rule, I couldn't see him anymore. I honestly haven't liked any of the docs I've seen since then. But maybe I should go, and go over the damn history again. Maybe I should go back on the daily medicine, since it really did help control the frequency of the migraines.

I mean, I've lost weight, I'm in better shape now than I have been since probably high school, if then. But the migraines are getting pretty frequent lately. I had one 2 weeks ago that took 3 days to get over. I've been taking that tramadol enough to track my side effects. I'd rather have vicodin anyway. It had fewer side effects, although it lasted exactly 4 hours in my system.

Anyway, I will probably call my mother and talk this through with her. I inherited the migraines from her, but her pain level is higher. I think it's something to do with cracking her skull as a teenager. Just sayin'. We even get the same visual aura, just in different colors. My sparks are silver and hers are gold.

I'm going to go look at my planner and see what I have scheduled for this week, so I can see what I might need to work around for a migraine. Yeah, I should probably see a doctor. Before our vacation in June.

I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday morning. Need a new BC prescription, so I scheduled that and can ask about migraines as well. Also crashed on the couch for a couple hours. It was the nice heavy sleep I need to get over a migraine, not the fitful stuff of last night. I'll try for another nap this afternoon. Ate some soup and crackers for lunch. Now to take care of some business and get that second nap.


  1. I'm sorry you dont feel good, my friend. :( Could the increased frequency also be brought on by your increased stress level the last few months???

  2. Kristy, that is very likely. However, that stress isn't going away any time soon, which leads me to think that going back on my daily meds might not be a bad idea.

  3. Feel better Charla!! Let me know if I can do anything for you! I've never had a migrane, thank goodness, but I have had severe headaches...and I know it's no fun to do chores or errands. So, if you need anything at the grocery store or anything else...I'm right around the corner :}

    1. Thanks, Ashley! Fortunately, my migraines aren't so high on the pain chart that I can't get a few things done. Now if tricare online weren't so stupid, I'd be set.

  4. You know you can request a different PCM, right?

    1. But you also can't help it when they change it for you, which is what has happened, and my original Dr's name wasn't on the list of PCMs to choose from.


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