Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Ode To Prescription Drugs: Part 2

Had my doctor's appointment. Let's start with this: I know I can request to change my PCM. But Tricare doesn't have to approve my request, and that won't save me when they randomly change it for their own reasons, which is what has happened so often the past couple years. I did look once for my fave doc's name, and it was not in the list of PCMs to choose from.

So, I went to the current PCM. I'd only seen him once before. He did pretty good. He even looked in my eyes to see if there was pressure to be worried about. He offered me the option of going back on Verapamil or trying Topomax. I went with Verapamil since it worked well the first time I was on it. He also gave me a very strong aspirin to try. He was going to give me a shot to try to knock out the current migraine, but can't do that unless I have someone to drive me since we don't know if it will make me loopy or not.

So I am taking a Verapamil once a day. It's actually a blood pressure medication that my dad takes for his high blood pressure. I originally took half the dose he did and it worked, so I will do that again. As little as I can, right? I did take the aspirin today, and after a nap it seems to be doing pretty good. I have a dinner out tonight, but won't be enjoying their delicious margaritas since I'm still trying to shake this migraine. Oh yeah, it was still here when I woke up this morning. Yay. It started 3 days ago.

Now here is what is weird to me. I got used to the "silent" migraines that I had for years. I had all kinds of migraine side effects for days on end, and a day or two of pain. The last few migraines have been little warning, and days of pain. I know migraines can change over time, I just wasn't expecting a change like this. Surprise!

So I'll have to track my migraines for a while. I'll blog about it. Hopefully, you won't see me talking about migraines as often. And hopefully I will remember to take the Verapamil every day. I will try to keep up with working out, in fact yoga was rather nice yesterday (sore today).

And right now Duke is trying very hard to get my attention. He likes it when I hold my laptop on my lap. It's wam. So he tries it sit on my lap/laptop. When I said no, he tried to play with a pencil. I don't know what his obsession with pens and pencils is, but he loves to play with them. Crazy cat.

I think I'm going to go make some tea. Tea is perfect on a rainy day, and today is one of the rare rainy days in El Paso.

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