Weight Loss Challenge

So one of my friends started a weight loss challenge over at thintopia.com. I decided to join. Yeah, I only have like 3 pounds to lose to hit my goal. Ok maybe 2. But still, this challenge is going to go for 12 weeks, and it goes through our block leave. I must be crazy, right?

Nope. I'm thinking this might help me stay a little more honest on my points tracking, and might help me survive block leave without adding weight. Give me a little moral support from some good friends. And maybe I can help them out as well. I know one of them doing it is also using WW online, so we can share when we find good foods that are low points.

So, block leave. Let me 'splain. Block leave is when your unit takes a vacation. That is, everyone is allowed to take vacation, even if they don't have quite enough leave. Most units get block leave at Christmas and during the summer. Well this is our first time getting it in summer. J has always been in school or too busy training for them to take block leave.

Of course, they gave us the dates after I had signed up and PAID for a workshop, which falls right in the middle of it. Oh well. We have the first week to go have a fun vacation in southern Colorado, during with J wants to torture himself with runs, hikes, and bike rides. I'll join, but not as vigorously. Then it's back here for my belly dance workshop. We'll have some downtime around the house, and then fly to Georgia for his cousin's wedding.

Then it's back to training and *maybe* deployment. Maybe. Still no definites on that. Grrrr.

And with that, I'm off to ruin my diet at Chico's Tacos. They are famous in El Paso for their little rolled tacos (think taquitos or flautas) smothered in sauce and cheese. They are good, but oh so bad for you. It's been a year or so since I had some. And I had a good run with Rem this morning. My digestive system is going to hate me, but my taste buds will be happy.

Then tomorrow is weigh in for the weight loss challenge. Yay that it falls on my WW weigh in day. If I've lost anything, I'll let you know. 


  1. Yay I'm so glad you're joining. I made aWW recipe tonight. Baked sweet and sour chicken. 1 cup fit 8 points and it was amazeballs. I'll share if you're interested :)


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