Fastest. Run. Ever.

Well, for me anyway. I just did the Transmountain Challenge 5K in 27 minutes and 46.7 seconds.

ho-ly crap

That beats my previous best by 3 whole minutes. It means I ran a sub 10min mile. In fact, it would be a 9:15 and some change.

I saw someone I've met before, before we got started. She's a spin class instructor, personal trainer I think, and super fit. I knew she and her friend were trying to finish under 30 minutes, so I paced off them on the way out. We went 1.5 miles uphill. I pushed myself pretty hard to keep pace with them. At the turn around, I let myself fly down the hill. They both finished before me, but not by too much. It was an awesome run.

J also had a great run. Best time for transmountain for him. And transmountain is it's own level of race, because the first half is all uphill.

So great day for both of us.

Next year, I'll do the mountain. If we're still here that is. 


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