Confession Time - Strange Accents

Time for another peek into the life of me.

I often speak in random accents. English, Australian, Scottish, Ghetto, Jamaican (not a good one), and various weird voices push their way into my speech. J will tell you all about it. He calls me his personal sound board and constantly tells me I should do voices for cartoons.

Usually, the accents are totally random. I don't know when or why they pop up. It will be in regular conversation, or a comment I make.

J is very entertained by all of this.

Please understand that any labels I assign here are the stereotypes and not what I think of the actual people.

Big Black Guy
White Trash Barbie
Snobby British
Scottish weirdo
Black Southern Old Man
Black Woman
Valley Girl
Olive Oil (yes, Popeye's girl)
and various others

When I hear an accent of any kind, I have a tendency to pick it up. I try very hard to not mimic an accent when the person with said accent is present. It's very hard sometimes. I tend to limit my speech.

I have always been a bit of a mimic. In my college voice lessons (I minored in singing) I learned best by hearing what I was supposed to sound like. If I heard my instructor say the french word, I could mimic the french word. If I heard the tone I was supposed to use, I could mimic the tone. Show me how to do something and I pick it up quickly. I can learn by written instructions, sure, but I am a good mimic.

Who knows where such a talent comes from. And I've never found a way to make money from it. But there you have it. If I get comfortable around you, expect to hear some random accents slip into my normal conversation. If you don't hear them, don't be offended. Just remember that I do think about it and watch for them when I'm with anyone but J. I don't want everyone to know what a complete weirdo I can be. 


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