Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

Lost another 1.5 pounds on weigh in today. That puts me at 161 with 7 pounds lost. I'm going to be careful this week and try to eat better than last week so I can get under 160 next Sunday. That would put me at my first goal of 5% of my starting weight, and also put me just barely lower than I got with Sparkpeople.

Did another 13 mile run this morning. About the same time as last week, but without the foot pain. I did have some odd pain in the big join of my big toe for a little bit, but I walked a minute and stretched my foot and it went away. That was at mile 2. At the same spot on the way back, mile 11, I had some ankle pain and had to walk that out. It was very slow the last 2 miles home. But finishing without that foot pain felt great. And it took me longer to hit the proverbial runner's wall this time.

After a nice shower, J and I rode our bikes to the PX for some lunch. It's only 1.5 miles from our house, and we can take a smaller street with less traffic, so we can go slow. Had lunch and a little well-earned ice cream, then came home. It helped work the lactic acid out of our legs so they aren't quite so stiff now.

Next week is the TransMountain Challenge. J plans to run it. I talked it over with him and he said I should avoid it. I will do the 5K. He said it's rough, and we definitely don't want to do anything to mess me up so close to Duke City.

I need to call the kennel this week and get a spot for Remy. Might see if he and I could go visit the place before he stays there. New kennel we're trying that has daily play groups and walks, weather permitting. I think that would be great when we're gone over christmas, and this is our first chance to leave him there and see if it works out. Also have to find someone to come check on Duke here at the house. Kenneling Duke would mean he would be all on his own, not even other cats around. Might as well leave him in his home then. Plus, whoever does that could bring in any packages that get delivered.

I'm feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to the race in 3 weeks, and not really nervous. It's a pretty flat course, ever-so-slightly uphill to the turn-around, then ever-so-slightly downhill on the way back. Only a 20 foot gain in elevation, but I know that it's downhill, and I'm hoping that will motivate me to kick it up a notch after the turnaround. I've been training with the Haan bridge, both ways. Having no hills will help my time.

Also found out they have water at every mile, starting at mile 2. No need to wear my water belt with that, so I'll do the spi-belt instead. It will hold my energy snacks, music, and anything little thing I might need, like ID and some cash. It doesn't put as much pressure on my tummy as the water belt. I can wear the spi-belt and forget it's there. I'll wear it on my short runs to get it adjusted right and get used to it again. My cell phone will be enough weight to train with.

Ok. time for a little nap.


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