It's A Baby!

No, not me. Sorry, big sister.

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet. I'm going to be a godmom! My BFF Misty is pregnant with her first kid. Holy Crap! Misty's gonna have the bebes!

Sorry. Anyway, She is pregnant, and I am super excited. Seriously, this is more excited than I would be for my own kid. Probably because I am not interested in having one, but anyway. It's still the first trimester, so don't know gender. I need to ask if they are going to even find out! Oh my goodness. I will be making a baby quilt. They already have names picked out. I'm getting either a Damien or a Sophie.

Part of what excites me about this, is I can buy the kind of baby things I always think are so cool and funny, but that others just wouldn't get. Like punk baby things, and rocker baby things, and goth baby things. And the parents will actually put it on the baby!

I'm still somewhat in shock thinking about my best friend having a baby. I do wish I was closer to her so I could see her all big and preggers. I know she's always wanted to be a mother, and her life is in a good place for this to happen. She has a great guy that really cares about her, and he has a good family that adores her.

So now, I'm restraining myself from buying tons of baby stuff. After all, It's still a tiny little bean. I believe I can finally pull out something I've been saving up for the unlikely time of my own pregnancy - Cletus the Fetus. I will hereby refer to my godbaby as Cletus until I know a gender. Oh yes. J cringes in agony when I tell him this. Hahahahahaha.

So. Some of you may know that I am definitely not religious. So why am I the godmama? I've know for a while now that I would be the godmama of Misty and Tony's first kid. They decided they wanted godparents who would be open to exploring religion with their kid. Someone who would answer or help find answers for the child's questions, about any religion. I love exploring and learning about religions. And Misty trusts me. (Who wouldn't?) So I will join Tony's friend Rob (good guy) in being godparental units to Cletus.

I can't wait for this baby to get here. Why do humans have such a long gestation period again? I want to meet the kid now!


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