Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Yes, it deserves 2 exclamation marks.

I love Halloween. I always have. I think it's because I like dressing up in costumes. Sure, I like candy, especially chocolate, but I think it was always more about the costumes for me.

However, I find myself getting lazy. As I sit here handing out candy, I'm wearing the same clothes I wore to run errands this afternoon, with the addition of my adorable spider hat. I didn't feel like bothering with the whole costume thing. I thought about just putting on my star trek dress, but that was a little warm.

So I'm sitting at my dining room table, blogging, facebooking, google+ing, and drinking beer. Yes, beer. I have the Ghost Hunters live episode playing on the TV in the other room even though I can't see it from the table. I have Remy at my feet waiting for the time when I let him outside to see the kids. Duke is doing his own thing. He watched the action for a couple minutes and decided it didn't suit him. He seems to prefer adults to kids, where Remy prefers kids to adults. Kids play and drop food a lot. Adults sit and chat and have laps for kitties to jump into.

I find myself quite content to sit here and hand out candy. I get a kick out of the kids and their costumes. Some of them are fascinated with Remy. I had a little Jedi who was ready to sit down in front of my screen door and play with the puppy through the glass. One little Blue (from Blue's Clues) said, in his 3 year old speech, "A kitty cat and a doggy!" It was precious.

Had some older kids, but not too many. And I think they were all with younger siblings. I think the big kids that take their younger siblings around to trick or treat deserve a little candy themselves. Good for them. Only one kid tried to come back for more. First, I recognized her very unique candy bucket. Then I saw the exact same mix of candy that I was handing out already in it. She and her friend tried to say she had an identical twin. I asked how she could have identical candy, and she finally gave up. That was the only trickster, though.

I picked up some doggy Halloween cookies at PetSmart today, and gave one of those to a kid whose family had their dog back on the sidewalk.

J's not home tonight. Has to work. I don't think he would be enjoying this as much as I do. He wasn't really looking forward to it anyway, so I was going to have him just sit and watch the pup while I handed out candy. So instead he's working, and honestly, Remy is doing quite well. I just have him stay inside and I step outside to hand out candy. He's been woofing a little, especially as it gets darker, but not much. Even when he was out in the back yard for a bit, he didn't bark at all the people walking by. He's earning his Halloween cookies!

It's definitely slowed down quite a bit since I started writing this. It's almost 8pm, and the "official" trick or treating time was 6 to 8. I might leave the light on and door open a while longer to catch anyone still trying for candy. As for me, I'm going to finish off beer number 2 (I'm slow) and get myself a bowl of ice cream. That's my treat for tonight!

P.S. Yes, I find out how many WW points some of this candy has. Only the pieces I'm interested in. 

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