Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

What? A day early? What in the world is wrong with me?

I decided to weigh in today instead of tomorrow. We'll be up earlier than usual tomorrow for the Transmountain Challenge. I have to take J to the start on the westside and then get myself to the finish on the eastside, without taking the transmountain shortcut. And I don't do early mornings that well.

Plus, today is Yom Kippur. Now, I have never fully practiced Judaism, but a few years ago, I read up on the High Holy  Days and J and I decided it fit where we were in our lives at that moment - starting a new year, trying to put the past behind us and moving on with a clean slate.

Yom Kippur calls for a fast. I mean a full fast, with just sips of water to get by if you need that. Of course, if there is any medical reason for you to not fast, don't fast. The first year, we didn't do a full fast. We each had a natural fruit juice to drink and drank water. The next 2 times we would have some water, but that was it. This year, we will drink water, since we have the run tomorrow. But food will wait.

The Jewish day is actually sundown to sundown. So we ate before sundown yesterday, and won't eat today until sundown. We usually go out to eat late after our fast.

Anywho, I thought that might mess with my weigh in tomorrow, so I decided to weigh today. Came in at 159. Woohoo!

This means I reached my first WW goal (5% or 159.6), and I am lower than I got when I tried before. So WW is working. I will keep it up. Heck, I already paid for 4 months, and this is only week 6. I would love to get down to 135, but would be happy with breaking into the "healthy" weight range. My BMI at 159 is 26.5, and I need to get under 25 to be in the "healthy" range, which means I need to get under 150 pounds (149 would put me at 24.8 BMI).

Also, once I get this half marathon out of the way, I'm going to work on doing more strength training. I need to build some muscle. If I can actually get some muscles, I will be careful to not push the weight too low. I know muscle weighs more, and I'd rather be toned than skinny. So 145 is a good goal. Sure, 135 would be awesome, but I would be thrilled with 145. I won't want to lose my curves in all this. I like my curves. J likes them, too. I think I'll keep them.

So that's what's what. Yeah.

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