Tomorrow Is The Big Day

I'm in a hotel room with a comfy bed and fake fireplace on which the heater doesn't work (still have the regular AC unit). Had a great lunch at a fun little bar and a lovely Italian dinner complete with tiramisu for dessert. Got my race bib pinned on and my stuff all laid out for tomorrow. Have the bag we're taking with us (to leave at the bag drop) packed and marked with our name. We even picked up some bagels to have for breakfast and I prepped the little coffee pot so we just have to turn it on.

We'll get up around 0500 tomorrow to eat, take a hot shower (mostly for J's cold), and get dressed. A little before 6 we will walk over to the start/finish. We walked it earlier to pick up our race packet. Just 5 blocks east and 2 blocks north. I bought a Bondi Band headband at the pathetic expo. It's burgundy and says, "You don't smell like a princess anymore!"

J's race leaves at 0700. I'll get his warm-ups and put them in the bag. Then I'll put my warm-ups in and leave it at the bag drop. My race leaves at 0730. If all goes well, I will be done in 2 1/2 hours. J will be longer. He is going twice as far, after all. So I will get the bag and put my warm-ups back on. We have face cloths to clean the sweat off and flip flops for our tired feet.

I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. I was a little nervous earlier today, on the drive up here, but I'm feeling pretty good right now. We've had a good day, and despite J's cold and my bad allergies, we're looking forward to the run tomorrow. We have everything ready. Just have to get out there and run.

It will be about 20 degrees colder than I'm used to. I plan on wearing my regular tank and new arm warmers, but I put my long sleeve top in the drop bag just in case. If I think I'm too cold, I'll switch out and put that one on. I'm not afraid to show people my sports bra. Heck, elite female runners wear a sports bra and a bikini bottom. I think I'm OK to change my shirt.

Alright. Time to read my book, watch some TV, and relax in this comfy bed. Morning will be here before I know it. 


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