Sunday, November 4, 2012


Many people are doing the thankful days thing on Facebook. You know, where you post something you are thankful for every day of the month for the month of November. 

I will not be doing that. 

I've been looking for things to be grateful for for the past month. Every day I talk to J, I'm thankful for the technology that allows us to video chat, even on days when the connection is spotty. On days we don't get to talk, I'm grateful that our relationship is strong and that a day without talking won't hurt anything. 

I'm grateful that he's in "an undisclosed location in southwest Asia" and has it relatively easy compared to so many other Soldiers. I'm also grateful that there are units stationed there to support the units in Afghanistan, especially since I know some guys headed there soon. 

I'm grateful for Rembrandt and all the smiles he puts on my face. I'm grateful for Duke and all the snuggles. 

I'm grateful for my mom and sister and how often I get to talk with them. I'm grateful for my Dad and how hard he has always worked for his family. I'm grateful for in-laws that don't fit the stereotypes, that I actually like to spend time with. I'm grateful for having 2 gorgeous nieces, and their father that I know won't let anything happen to them or my sister.

I'm grateful for my friends from other places, who keep in touch with me. I'm grateful for my friends here, who understand Army life and are such a source of support for me. 

I'm grateful for this nice house we are living in. I'm grateful that we can afford to live in a place like this. 

I'm grateful for the volunteer opportunities I've discovered, and for the experience of not having a job. Although I would be grateful for a job right now, too. 

But I'm not grateful for these things just because Thanksgiving is coming up. I'm always grateful. I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday season, and I don't like the push to be thankful just because it's thanksgiving. Be thankful all the time. I hate how commercial the holidays have become. It's not about decorations and gifts and feasts. It's about us, family and friends. Even if you can't afford gifts and cards, let your family and friends know that you care, all year. That's the only gift anyone needs.

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