Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Skinny: Day 1

USPS pulled through (after I complained through the 800 number) and got my package to me yesterday. Two days late and no explanation, but at least I have it. Signature Skinny Amp'd. Here are the ingredients:

Bee Pollen 83mg
Sickelsenna Seed 64mg
Cassia 62mg
Seville Orange Flower 37mg
Chinese Yam 52mg
Aloe 37mg
Green Tea 23mg

I'm to take 1 pill before breakfast for 4 days. If I don't have any odd reactions, I move it up to 2 pills a day. Shelley (the lady I bought them from) also warned me about the laser stamp. They started laser stamping the amp'd version so people wouldn't confuse it with the non-amp'd. It's just a little black "ampd" on the capsule. But some people, including Shelley, started having some flu-like symptoms. Her friend, who also takes it, told her to scrape the stamp off. She did, and was fine. So if I complain of flu-like symptoms, tell me to remove the stamp. 

The first few days will put my body through a detox. I'll be in the bathroom more often. I might just pee more. One of the most common side effects is dry mouth, but that will just make me drink more water. Nothing wrong with that. 

So I weighed in this morning at an even 155. Nice, since I kinda pigged out the past week. I managed to get rid of the Reese's pumpkins by giving some to the soldiers stationed in front of my house to make sure cars didn't run over the trick-or-treaters. I gave them some water bottles, too. And I got rid of a chunk of cookies by giving them to the Smiths. 

So now I need to cook up my veggies that I have. I have a recipe for bacony bok choy, and another for smashed cauliflower. Plus I have a spaghetti squash that I like just roasted with a little butter on it. I might try something that J was reading about - eat more earlier and less later. So eat a big breakfast, a good lunch, and a light dinner. I usually go the reverse order, so the heaviest meal is right before I lay down and do nothing for 8 hours. It rather makes sense to switch it up. This morning I had cheese and toast, Charla style. Whole wheat toast, 2 slices, with garlic and herb spreadable cheese. It's so tasty. I'm going to keep spready cheese in the house just for toast now. Would be good with savory flavors of philly cream cheese, too. What I really want, though, is some goat cheese. MMMMMMMMM, goat cheese.

Where was I going with that? I don't know either. 

So let's end with a little side note. Today is my husband's 31st birthday. He is far away from me, but always in my heart (aw, mushy stuff!). Seriously, J is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He gave me the confidence to make changes in my life. It's that confidence that put me on this journey to a healthier me. It's how I became a runner. This makes 2 years in a row that we are apart for his birthday. I hope next year to spend it together doing something fun. Hell, maybe we'll find a marathon to run. Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!

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