Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brain Dumping

I finally have energy today. Ran errands and didn't feel dead after! So I took Remy for a run this afternoon. He was so excited, but I had to drag him after the halfway! Silly dog. We walked a while and he was ready to run again. All the way to the park, where he spent a few minutes finding the perfect spot to poop.

This all makes me a little less nervous about this weekend. I've decided I'm not going to push for any kind of record. I'm going to just run and enjoy the view. The middle 3 miles of the run are along the Rio Grande, which is actually more than just mud puddle up in Las Cruces.

I still have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Going to just tell him that I'm not taking the verapamil anymore and I want to keep with the fever few since it seems to be working. I also need a new birth control script. Only 1 refill left, so I may as well get a new one now.

I owe everyone a Skinny update tomorrow (I think it's going to be good!) and will throw in a doctor update if anything exciting happens. Then I get to have lunch with a dear friend who is getting ready to move back to the east coast. And the evening is mine. To do with as I please. Well, not really.

Took Duke to the vet today. His ears were really dirty and itchy, but they didn't really see anything wrong. They gave me some drops and cleaned his ears. They also gave him the antibiotic shot since I'll be taking him back in Friday morning for a teeth cleaning. That means I have to take his food away at 6pm Thursday night. And have to put up all water before bed. He drinks from the same bowl as the dog, so pup has to go without water overnight, too. I usually fill the bowl for him when I get Duke in his carrier to head out. If he's desperate, I'll put water outside for him in the morning. Just can't let Duke get any.

I've noticed recently that Duke isn't excited about his dry food anymore. He eats it, but not all of it. He used to jump up and run at the first sound of his automatic feeder going off. Now he might look in that direction. I'm hoping it's just that his teeth and gums need cleaned. He still chows down on his weekly soft food treat. And he's still a big boy.

While we're talking pets, Remy is still being a crybaby. Am I a bad mommy when I tell him to stop being a crybaby? He got some good exercise and some time at the park today. But this evening he got whiny again. I don't know. Maybe I just have a whiny pup.

Ok. Brain seems empty again. I think it's time for tea. and maybe a piece of chocolate.

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