Friday, November 23, 2012

The Skinny: Week 3

Yeah, so I'm a day late. But yesterday was a holiday. Yeah, actually, I just forgot.

I did weigh myself yesterday. 150. 1 pound away from breaking this damn plateau.

I didn't eat as healthy this past week. Also felt a little lazy and didn't work out as much. Could be why I only went down 1 pound. Could just be slowing down as my body adjusts to the pills.

So yeah, not much to report on that front. I gotta get my a few good runs in this week, as next weekend is the Las Cruces Half Marathon. Oh Yeah! I signed up for that! Ha. Just not feeling it right now.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and of course I over-ate. It's what you're supposed to do that day, isn't it?

I did not go shopping today. I avoided shopping and shopping areas. I don't like people. I may brave some shopping tomorrow to see about getting those tshirts from A'gaci.

Just to fill you in on what it's like to blog in my house, I have my laptop literally on my lap. I find it more comfortable to type this way. Duke is also on my lap, between me and the laptop. My right arm has to reach over him to type. He's so happy.  

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