I've been thinking lately about what I want. Not anything deep or philosophical, but rather material, frivolous wants.

My mother has been asking what I want for Christmas. I can't really think of anything for me. My first thoughts were of some things for the house, but those aren't really for ME. I would love a new sewing machine, but that's more than a christmas gift. I've been wanting some new shoes, but that's something I have to shop for myself, with my weird feet. So all I can think of is to ask for shopping money.

Then there's J. He wants to do this crazy bike ride in Colorado next June. It's right up his alley, and something I do not want to do. I am more than willing to go back up to that area, and would love to do some other support role for it. I fully support him in this, and love the idea of the ride itself, it's just beyond my skill level.

It's a 3 day event, and since I would be supporting him for 3 days, he feels we should also do something I want to do. But what?

I don't know of any big events I want to attend, or any special place I want to go. About the only thing I can think of is to go camping or get a cabin in the woods. I would love to just be away from civilization for a few days, surrounded by trees, hopefully some water nearby. I want to take Remy for a hike and maybe do some fishing. Is that weird?

I've also been searching for a bike. I want a simple bike that I can hop on and ride around post. I want to be able to ride to my friend's house or the PX without having to deal with fancy shoes. I want something that's more comfortable for a simple ride and that has some cargo capabilities. I am drawn to the look of cruisers, but don't want fat tires that are made for the beach. I've been looking more at comfort and hybrid bikes. I may end up buying a basic bike and changing certain components, like the handle bars. Might even repaint it if I don't really like the color. Women's bikes all tend to be flowery pastels or bright colors. I would love black. My biggest problem is that the bikes I really like are expensive.

A friend has a bike she doesn't ride anymore that I am going to check out. If I like the frame and tires enough, I can get the bike and change things without breaking the bank.

Speaking of wants, I save up some of my weekly spending budget and went shopping today. I spent more than I had planned on, but I'm so happy with my purchases. I got 4 long-sleeve Ts, 4 short-sleeve Ts, 3 tanks with adjustable straps, 3 tube tops for layering under lower cut tops, and a red sweater. For $80. It's rare for me to spend that much on myself all at once. I usually buy 1 or two things at a time, over a long stretch. But I've been rather unhappy with my shirts lately. I love the simplicity of a solid colored T, and the ones I have just weren't fitting well. The joys of losing weight.

As for Remy, I can't tell what he wants. He whines a lot. He'll whine in the kitchen, he'll whine in front of the bar (stocked with wine), he'll stand in front of me and whine. I have no idea what he wants. Le sigh. Poor pup. 


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