Monday, November 5, 2012

My Body: The Gluteus No-So-Maximus

Hey! It's Monday!

I don't have much of a butt. Never have. I'm top-heavy. I get it from Mom. The flat butt.

My hips are actually on the wide side. I remember someone, don't know who but probably some random old lady, tell me I have child-bearing hips. Oh yeah. Just what every 12 year old girl wants to hear. The nice thing about those wide hips is they help balance out my large chest.

J swears my butt has gotten more shape to it since I started running. I can't tell, but then, he looks at it more than I do. I do have trouble with jeans always trying to make me look like a plumber. And I hate belts so don't even suggest it.

My hips are pretty flexible, too. I can fold in half easily in yoga.

Damn. Not much to say about my butt. I don't have any strong feelings about it. I wouldn't mind a little more curve to it, but it's OK.

So yeah. I have a butt. And hips.

Sorry this was such a boring post. Next week is the abdomen. I'm sure that one will be better.


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    1. I forgot! I didn't do a pic of my thighs either. OH well. Tummy is next and easier to get a pic of.