Monday, November 26, 2012

My Body: Neck & Shoulders

In my mind, my neck and shoulders are eternally connected, one and the same. I carry all my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I also slouch, much to my mother's dismay. I've always had bad posture, although it has gotten somewhat better over the years.

My shoulders are always tense, the muscles are always very tight. In college, I started getting a huge knot on top of my right shoulder when I spent any time at the computer. It was right up by my neck and rather painful. I could feel a lump sometimes, it was so bad. That was when I taught myself to use the computer mouse with my left hand. To this day, I can use my left hand all day long, but if I use my right, I get that knot. Just with the computer mouse.

When I started bike riding 2 years ago, I found I would get a horrible pinching feeling in my right shoulder blade, very sharp and painful if I moved. Icyhot seemed to ease it over time, and I've made adjustments to my bike as well. I don't get that pain as easily anymore.

A few weeks ago, I had that sharp pain again, on a daily basis. I would put icyhot on it, I used heating pads on it. I finally gave in and got a half hour massage. It helped a lot, but even the masseuse seemed surprised at how much tension I have in that area.

Lately, my neck has been the problem. I can't seem to sleep on my right side, but I'm just fine on my left side. I wouldn't be surprised if this is related to my jaw. I know the neck muscles are connected to the jaw, and my right jaw is the one that pops the easiest. As in, whenever I want to pop it. It freaks out some people. If I hug someone taller than me, like J, I often find myself popping my jaw against their chest or shoulder. J hates it. I can't help it. That's the jaw that will pop when I eat chewy things, like bagels. I'll probably mention my jaws again next week when I get to my head.

I know I could go get a massage regularly and it would probably ease the tension, at least somewhat, but we all know I'm not so great at spending money. So I make do. The yoga I've been doing seems to help. It relaxes me in general, which helps with a lot of things.

However, I don't think I'll make it to yoga this week. I have a ceremony to attend that starts a half hour after class ends tomorrow, and I can't really show up in yoga clothes. Plus, I seem to be fighting off some kind of bug. I'll feel fine in the morning, then around 1100 I am suddenly exhausted. Yesterday I had a very low grade fever. No fever today, but I seem to be peeing out more than I'm drinking in. TMI? Oh well. I'm resting and taking some extra vitamin C. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the Las Cruces Half Marathon this coming Saturday. Le sigh.

For some good news, I haven't had any more migraines this month *knock on wood.* I've been taking feverfew twice a day. I have had some headaches, and had some migraine-type pains yesterday, but I have been able to take OTC pain meds to control it. Yay! I have until Thursday for that to stay true. Thursday morning is a doc appointment. I think I'll try staying on the feverfew and leave the verapamil behind. Need a new BC prescription also.

Ok. Enough for now. Even blogging is making me tired today. 

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  1. Bummer that you don't feel good! Hope you're up and at 'em again soon! (And *PLEASE* let me know if we can do anything to help!)