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Title? Yeah, I don't know either. It's all I got tonight.

I'm on Pinterest. I like it. I've discovered some cool things there, found some good recipes, and found some total BS.

I've been having a bad acne breakout. Like, really bad. I wash my face with neutrogena stress control acne wash in the shower every morning, I use a great moisturizer, and I clean my face with biore wipes in the evening. I have a zit gel, but it seemed to make the breakout worse.

I looked a little on pinterest, but found my recipe on a google search. I wanted a DIY face mask to help acne. I discovered this. So simple, and I had all the ingredients. I pinned it to save the link and share. Then I tried it.

First time I made a mistake. I ran a hot bath, got in, washed my face and applied mask. The main ingredient is honey, and honey gets runny with heat. So yeah, it dripped all over and didn't stay on. I only left it on 15 minutes before the drips were driving me bonkers. My skin felt good, though.

I tried it again tonight. One batch had enough for 2 full face masks. I cleaned with a biore wipe, held a warm cloth on my face for a minute, then applied mask. I left it on the full 30 minutes this time. It did drip, but not nearly as much. Just the natural body heat in my face softened the honey. It's doesn't taste too bad if it gets on your lips, but I couldn't just eat a spoonful.

That's my sexy hair. And PJs I've had forever.

I rinsed with hot water and held a hot cloth on my face for a minute, then used witch hazel and a moisturizer.

From Saturday to Wednesday, my skin has started to clear up. I don't know how much of it was the mask, but It does make my skin feel good. I've been using witch hazel twice a day, and the zit gel only at night as a spot treatment, and not every night. It seems to be working.

I really do hate having this much acne at (almost) 32, but my mom still gets zits, so I know what I have to look forward to. I have always struggled with acne. I don't wear heavy makeup, just some concealer most days, and only if I have bad zits. When I get dressed up or have a reason for more makeup, I have a lightweight powder foundation.

I know that washing my face with a cream wash and water would probably be a little better than the biore wipes, but I find it hard to remember to do that. The wipes are easy for me. I grab one, wipe my face and neck, and toss it. One minute and I'm done.

I do like this mask and think I will keep using it periodically. Oh, and I only use raw, local honey. Yes yes. It's the way to go. 


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