Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Skinny: Week 1

It's been an interesting week. The first day I felt a little light headed, but thought it was just me. The next day, I was freezing cold for no reason (it was 74 degrees in my house) and eventually took my temperature. I had a very low fever. Uh oh.

The next day, I scraped the laser stamp off of my pill and didn't take it until after running the half marathon. I was worried about taking it before. I didn't feel any symptoms, no fever, no light headed feeling. So Sunday I experimented. I left the stamp on. Again, nothing. Monday was the first day of 2 pills, with stamps, I felt great.

So I apparently had a mild bug over the weekend and ran it out of my system on Saturday. Huh.

Anyway, I can't expect much in the first week of these pills, but I have noticed that it's easier to get out of bed in the morning, even if I didn't get my usual 8 hours. I seem to feel more motivated most days this week. Except yesterday, but that was a migraine day. I didn't do any workouts, took Remy to the dog park for a play date, then spent the rest of the day reading.

I weighed myself and am down to 153 today. Still feeling very unmotivated to do anything physical today. I decided to take a break. Could be the migraine still hanging around. I don't seem to get the random munchies that I used to get, and I can eat a regular portion and be full, so no more whole boxes of mac and cheese. I hope that keeps up.

Mmmm, yeah, I think the migraine is still there a bit. It's not been bad enough for prescriptions yet and I'll try to keep it that way.  

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